Cyber Security and Wire Fraud Prevention Resources 

This page provides the buyer, seller, borrower, attorney, attorney-agent, title insurance agent, settlement agent and other real estate professionals with the resources to better protect yourself and your clients from internet and wire fraud scams.

Cyber Fraud & Wire Fraud Prevention Video

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Cyber Fraud Prevention Resources

C.Y.B.E.R. Brochure

C.Y.B.E.R.Can You Be Entirely Ready includes steps, policies, and procedures to consider in formulating your Information Security and Trust Account Security Plans. The information in this brochure will help you perform a detailed assessment of your office and the various cyber risks that you face. No two offices are exactly alike. Make your cyber security and information security plan fit your office and your needs. 

Information Security Express Lane - 12 Items or Less

In today’s fast-paced world, we want to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible. This tendency often forces us to make difficult choices. For example, to get out of the grocery store quickly, some might put back the 13th item in order to get into the express lane. You leave the store with only those 12 things that you must have to survive. 

Here are the 12 information security items that, at a minimum, you need to survive. If you do not have or have not completed one or more of these items, you need to stop by the store and pick up a few things.
Wire Fraud Prevention Resources

W.I.R.E. Brochure

What I Require Every time includes steps, policies, and procedures to consider before you send another wire out of your office.

1) Proper Identification – Verify the identity of the recipient with independent information.

2) Verbal Confirmation – Call (old school on the phone) the properly identified individual to confirm wire instructions prior to initiating the wire. Do NOT trust email, whether encrypted or not, for wiring instructions.

3) Delivery Verification – Call (again on the phone) the wire recipient to confirm delivery. You know when it was sent and when it should be received. This is an extra step, but a valuable one.

W.I.R.E. Checklist

What I Require Every time Checklist can be completed for each incoming and outgoing wire and made a part of your file. Using this checklist helps you enforce a solid procedure and provides you with a detailed paper trail in the event of wire fraud event.
Cyber Fraud Incident Response and
Wire Fraud Recovery Resources

F.A.S.T. Brochure

F.A.S.T.Fast Action Stops Theft includes steps, policies, and procedures to consider in formulating your Cyber Fraud Response Team and your Cyber Fraud Response Plan. 

Use this information to have a plan of action in place before a cyber fraud incident happens to you and to be able to proceed thoughtfully, thoroughly and quickly. Time is money when you are trying to recover lost funds.
F.A.S.T. Checklist

F.A.S.T.Fast Action Stops Theft Checklist is a fill-in-the blank start for you in creating your very own cyber response plan. Include the contact information for all of the individuals that you will need to enlist for help at the bank, in law enforcement and in your office.
Consumer Cyber Fraud and Wire Fraud Education Materials

Consumer Fraud Protection Resources

Consumer Wire Fraud Awareness Web Page – Help spread the word about cyber fraud by sharing this webpage with your partners, clients and customers. We have prepared and gathered consumer and client materials to assist with you with this process and they are located at https://nititle.com/fraud

This web page includes handouts, videos, news stories and other materials to help educate the consumer before they fall victim to cyber criminals. We have created these resources so that you do not have to do so yourself. Please share them liberally.